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  • Multiple Income

    Learn the five revenue streams of income by owning alpacas. Plus many more.

  • Tax Advantages

    Raising alpacas can put thousands of tax dollars back in your pocket! Why give it away to Uncle Sam?

  • Profiting from Fiber

    Determine the true value of your fiber and where to sell it… and other ways of using it.

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Before you buy your first alpacas… you need to take action to educate yourself. The safety of you, your family and the alpacas could be in danger. Learn what it takes to be an alpaca owner, breeder and farmer. The actions you take now will make a difference to your success as an alpaca business owner.

Table of Contents

  • What in the World is an Alpaca?

  • The Expenses Involved in the Alpaca Lifestyle

  • Alpaca Health and Care

  • Breeding Alpacas

  • Alpaca Fiber

  • How to Start Raising Alpacas

  • Purchasing Your First Alpaca

  • The Business of Alpacas

  • Tax Advantages of Alpaca Ownership

  • Income Potential

  • Is It for You?

  • Alpaca Business Resources

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This 54 page Quick Starter Guide called “Alpacas Made Simple – Beginners Guide”. Has been updated for 2015 giving you the latest research right at your fingertips on Alpaca Farming and Business Information.

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